Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Google in Orlando ... Off topic

Off topic, but relevant to all those living in Orlando, FL....

Get Googling Orlando
Google is looking for a City like ours to test their experimental ultra high speed internet network. That means our residents would have access to an internet connection 100 times faster than anywhere else. As you can imagine, the possibilities for this infusion of technology are endless. From media to communications, it would dramatically change the way we experience the internet in our homes.

Google has asked our City government to submit a formal application. They also want to hear from you! Why should they pick our community? What would you do with this incredible opportunity? You can answer these questions by taking a few minutes to fill out Google’s survey. But, don’t stop there! Google wants to see just how creative we can be. So, tell us what you would do with one of the fastest internet connections in the world by making your mark on our Google Map, send in a YouTube video, and share with your friends by e-mailing, buzzing, tweeting, or Facebooking.

Orlando… It’s time to GET GOOGLING!

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