Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have never been asked this before...

I have been training dogs for close to 13 years now.... that makes me sound really old, but in actuality its just that time really flys lol.

I have never been asked this before....

This weekend I was at UCF's Literacy Festival, proposing our BARK program to teachers, schools, and educators... more on this later.

This older gentleman was walking by our booth, and of course, Wyatt caught his attention. He came over, gently bent down to Wyatt, and allowed Wyatt to rest his face in his palms. He stroked Wyatt's head ever so gently, as he turned to me and said, "So what does Wyatt do for a living?"

At first I was taken back my the comment, rather question... I said "well heck, I really don't know what you mean by that (in my mind of course), and I have been training for several years now, and I try to advocate for pet owners to develop relationships with their dogs, in forms of a job, recognizing its as a result of having no purpose that our dogs have all sorts of behavioral issues.... is this what he meant? "

I don't think I got to giving him an answer, I think I spent quite a bit of time just thinking about what he asked me, and of course there was an answer.... Wyatt does do something for a living, he does something very special for a living, and that was the reason of our attendance at the festival.

So, I thought I needed to blog on this, and ask you all, what your dogs do for a living? Is there a purpose for their existence other than a companion to you? Do they have a need they would like fulfilled that would allow them to live purposefully?

What does your dog do for a living?

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