Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another dog needing forever home

This past weekend, Lucky (one of Doglando's first dogs) was left to find a new home.

No abandonment story is ever a good one, but this is truly quite sad.

Lucky's dad moved to Oregon this past weekend. In all his discussions with us, he always appeared to be very excited about the move, and more so about taking Lucky with him. What better place than Oregon, I told him... they are so dog friendly there.

Well to our surprise, he decided it was in "Lucky's best interest" to stay back. I can not let any dog go to the shelter, and especially not Lucky. You know when I wrote about Hurley, and I said we was a "GREAT" dog. Well, we received an email from his new family last week telling us he was not "GREAT" he was "AMAZING!"

Lucky, I think is Amazing too. I have know her for almost four years.... she is one of the few dog Wyatt (my GSD) approves off without a muzzle!

She has just the greatest of disposition, the sweetest temperament, she is so gentle, so loving, yet so independent, and most of all so calm. She does so well with everything and with everyone.

And my most favorite thing about her is that she can be trusted off leash. She is such a great dog. Everyone who knows her is astonished! But, unfortunately our houses are maxed out... because this would be a dog I would keep for sure.

So selfishly, I ask, if you can help me find a home for her, that will continue to bring her to Doglando at least once a week. We have become her family, and is all she knows, as her dad leaves her to move on.

Please pass this on, post it on your FB page, and tweet about her... this is how Hurley found his forever home, thanks to one of our Doglando Mums.

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