Wednesday, July 28, 2010

K9 Nose Work _ Orlando, FL

Coming soon, Doglando will be hosting two K9 Nose Work workshops in Orlando, FL.

For all of you that have a dog with a nose, this workshop is for you.

K9 Nose Work, the new, exciting, detection-style sport is designed to develop dogs’ natural scenting abilities by using their curiosity, desire to hunt, and their love of toys, food, and exercise. It’s a great way for any dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy. Dogs are sniffing it up!

Scent work, or ‘nose work’ as it is often called is the most natural thing any dog can do, but how do you teach that to companion dog owners?

This introductory workshop is designed for future K9 Nose Work instructors, dog sports enthusiasts, and the pet owner looking for a fun outlet for her dog. Amy and Jill will take you through the process of the first steps to getting a dog started in K9 Nose Work, concentrating on the basic concepts and foundation skills for dogs and handlers. The founders will share their proven training techniques and class structure demonstrating the most efficient ways to encourage and develop a dog’s scenting abilities by using their natural desires.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to work with the founders on their return to the Northeast.

Ways to Participate

Working Participant with your Dog

Any dog can do it! All levels of training are welcome. Shy, over-exuberant, and certain mild to moderately reactive dogs are welcome candidates but must be tolerant of the instructors coaching the team, many people watching in the audience, and dogs in the area. Leave dogs at home that have a bite history with people, pose a threat to others dogs or people, are intolerant of strangers in the general area, have serious aggression, or exhibit strong fearful responses. We reserve the right to decline working with a dog and/or asking a dog to leave the workshop without refund if we feel she/he is inappropriate or dangerous to the staff or seminar participants, or if the experience is detrimental to the dog’s emotional well-being.

Join us on September 11th or 12th.

To Register, email Teena at or call 407-574-3160.

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