Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Overweight dogs

Shortening your dog's life with kindness.

We all love our dogs. We want them to be around forever. We spoil them as much as we can, and would not ever want to deny them of food.

How does the dog really feel about this though? Happy? Loves you more? I beg to differ.

So often we have encountered over weight dogs, and their size limitations get in the way of being a dog, and the shortness in breath gets to the better part of them and then they're done. We have also witnessed these dogs loose weight and become different dogs all together.

Getting a dog to loose weight is not just about a proper diet and exercise. The first and foremost part of this weight loss program is establishing your limitations. Understanding and abiding to a set amount of daily food rations for your dog. This ration includes treats as well.

Without the humans control, the dog will not get under control.

Dog Responsibly.

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Michael said...

It is amazing how many people have fat dogs these days! They let them eat at will or leave food out all day and it is a terrible thing to do to your dog! We feed our dogs twice per day and if we notice that they are getting too big we cut back a little. They aren't going to starve if you only feed them on a limited schedule! These dogs can't control their own weight - they need the help of all the owners reading your blog.

Mike Orlowski