Monday, July 26, 2010

Remembering Herbie

A couple weeks ago, Herbie passed away from Stomach Cancer. Today, I would like to celebrate Herbie, and Mrs. Diamond and Grandpa... my extended family.

I first met Mrs. Diamond and Mr. Diamond (then, now Grandpa), about 8 or 9 years ago. They had just rescued Herbie and had brought him to training with me. Since then, they allowed me to come into their family, and I became Herbie's second mummy.

I remember receiving a call from Mrs. Diamond about 6 years ago... she had just taken Herbie out to do his business and his stool she said "looked like his intestines fell out and full of blood." At the time, Herbies vet diagnosed him with having Colitis. Then later on, Herbies started having seizures. At that point he was diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Since that time up until his passing, Herbie continued to seize and sporadically would have the bloody stool episodes. Mrs. Diamond started feeling as though it was stress induced; but none of this really made sense to anyone.

In a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of this, Mrs. Diamond followed all her veterinarians recommendations; but never once did the vet think it could have been cancer.

Two weeks ago, Herbie suffered from yet another seizure, and an episode of bloody stool. This time he acted very different, and unlike himself. He was very lethargic, weak and refused to even get up off his bed... all this over a period of three days.

Mrs. Diamond rushed Herbie to the vet, and they gave her a prescription for Valium. This was to help Herbie rest and recover. For whatever reason, this time she took him into AVS (Affiliate Veterinary Serices in Maitland) for a second opinion. They first drew some blood and noticed his white blood cells count was quite low. Then they took some Xrays and did some other testing, which revealed Herbie had four massive tumors in his stomach.

The vet later explained that this may have been going on for quite some time, and more than likely was the cause of his bloody stool. Each time the tumor ruptured it caused internal bleeding and he would defecate it.

Completely unprepared for this news, Mrs. Diamond and Grandpa called me to come to AVS with them. It was recommended by the vet, and very evident that unfortunately, Herbie needed to rest in peace.

I want to take this moment to remember all the great moments I have had with Herbie over the years, and the love and unconditional support I received from Mrs. Diamond and Grandpa in getting Doglando started.

The greatest part of what we do is the lasting relationships we build through our client's dogs. They become part of our family, the parents and the dogs, and we will cherish them forever in our hearts.

Herbie will be missed not just by all of us at Doglando, but my boys as well. Especially Wyatt. They were the greatest of friends, he was one of just a few dogs that Wyatt loved and played with without a muzzle.

I know Herbie is at rest in peace, and although our hearts ache without him here with us, we too can rest knowing he was not made to suffer for a little longer.

Herbie our beloved Doglando Dog.

Thank you Mrs. Diamond and Grandpa for allowing us to be part of Herbie's life.

Herbie (Tan dog)


Joanne Diamond said...

I remember when Herbie (Herman!)first came into my parents' lives. It had been quite awhile since my folks had shared their home and hearts with a dog; but it was the right time for eveyone. My dad was adamant that my mom not spoil Herbie, but that didn't last too long; He babied him as much as she did! It was like Herbie had been with the family forever. I was actually jealous when Mom used to talk about Herbie being the youngest child and she referred to me as the aunt! I think he ended up with more puppy pictures in an album than my youngest brother had for his childhood :) He brought such unconditional love and joy to everyone he encountered and when you spoke to him, he would cock his head and really listen to you. That is why I know he really understood that it was his time to go and he could not possibly have loved my parents more than he did and they could not possibly have loved him more. Thank you for memorializing him in your blog. My daughters and I are grateful you were a part of his lfe.

Teena Patel said...

Thank you Joanne.