Monday, August 23, 2010

Anal Gland Problems in Dogs

Check out this video....

I bet many of you have seen your pets scoot around the floor. Dogs do this in an attempt to rub their rear to secrete their anal glands. Although the video might get a laugh or two out of you, it actually quite painful for the dog.

Sometimes full anal glands/sacs can cause sever medical issues in dogs. Most often occurring in smaller dogs, and dogs that are fed commercial grade diets.

Notice in the video above, all the dogs are overweight. This too has to do with the diet they're on.

Commercial grade, veterinary prescribed foods and grocery store bought dog foods are filled with carbohydrates, fillers, flour, rice, wheat, corn, soy, salt and more, and these ingredients effect the overall health of a pet.

A dog that is fed premium, quality food, such as Orijen, Innova, Evo, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, FROMM, Solid Gold and even better are raw foods such as Omas, Raw Health and Primal are very likely to secret their anal glands on their own.

Although a funny video, the issue is not all that comical...your dog would tell you, if your dog could speak.

Dog Responsibly.

(All foods mentioned above are available at the University of Doglando, and Groom Grub & Belly Rub, Orlando, FL).

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