Friday, September 3, 2010

Lost A Dog / Found A Dog

Thank you Jen and Jaine (Rescue Volunteers & Doglando Moms) for your help with putting together this post.

Here is what you should do:

1. Flyer Flyer Flyer: I have heard of so many pet owners getting reunited with their pets because they made the effort to post flyers all over town.

Jaine's experience: "I would emphasize - flyers/posters, flyers, flyers - when Belle was stolen and I was searching for her - I actually called this guy who specializes in helping people find their lost pets and he said most recovered pets are found due to flyers/posters. He also said that having a reward (as large as possible) is the way to go - with the thinking that when/if people notice a lost dog flyer they think "too bad", but if they see "reward" then they may be more aware/more on the lookout. I posted about 600 flyers for Belle - the farthest away being about 10 miles - she was found due to a flyer - 2 months after she was taken - after I had basically given up - and the flyer they saw was the farthest one from my home - about 10 miles..."

Go out walking and talk to/give a flyer to all the regular "walkers" in your area.

2. Search local lost and found pet forums and place your add on every one of them.

3. Don't rule out Craigslist, BUT practice caution. Read below on SCAMS.

4. Orlando Sentinel: Will allow you to run a free add if you have lost or found a pet.

5. Petfinder: Will post a free listing for a lost or found pet.

6. Orange County Animal Services: Visit your local animal shelters daily. Many of them even have a forum / board on which you can post a lost or found pet. The reason I say this, is because they have new dogs coming in daily. If you are not checking in regularly, your dog may have been brought in, and then euthanized after his/her time is up. Very Sad, but true.

7. SPCA of Central Florida & Seminole County SPCA: Visit both these shelters. A dog living in Orange County may have found its way to Seminole County or vice verse.

8. Call local Private Rescue Groups: Pet Rescue By Judy is one of the bigger and well known rescue groups amongst others in Orlando. Call them and inquire about your pet there.

9. Smart Tags: If your dog was carrying a Smart Tag on their collar you can visit ID TAG.Com to track your pet.

10. Local Vets: Call all the local vets in your area. Many times people will take the dogs to the vet to have them scanned for a micro chip. They may have seen your pet.

11. Winter Park Lost Pets: Check out this forum... great way to post lost or found dogs.

12. Orange County - has a list of dead animals picked up on the side of the road - Jaine checked that several times when looking for Belle.

You may be able to locate a lost animal by checking the with the highway departments and the shelters' dead lists. The highway maintenance department is supposed to send a list to animal control, you should check with them directly.


When Belle was lost - Jaine placed ads in the paper, etc. She received multiple calls from people in jail claiming to know who had my dog - they wanted the money to be sent to them in order for them to tell her where Belle was.

I know it sounds like you would not fall for that, just be careful though. Loosing a pet puts a pet parent in a very desperate state of mind and makes them vulnerable to things like this.

Sadly, there are several "scams" where thieves prey on pet owners who have lost a pet. For example, there’s the “truck driver” scam where someone calls to say that while driving through your area they picked up a stray dog and just now saw your lost dog Ad. They then ask you to wire them money so they can ship your dog back to you. You send the money and the dog never arrives. If someone tells you to wire money because they have your pet, do not believe them! Never agree to pay a reward until you have your pet in hand. If someone has your dog but demands money and won’t return your dog unless you pay them, call the police. Never go to pick up your found pet alone. Tell a family member or friend exactly where you are going, take a cell phone with you, and take at least one other adult with you.

Hope you find this useful.

Dog Responsibly

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