Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Guess Who Game _ Answers

Great job everyone.... very interesting guesses. An "A+" for the creative guesses.... I was dying laughing.

And for anyone who has seen Roxy, Corby was referring to her 10lb dog being a cross between a Pitbull and Doberman.

Believe it or not, all those dogs are a variation of the same breed. They are known as the Texas Laceys.

These dogs, obviously prevalent in Texas, have very intense hunting instincts and resemble many of the breeds you all mentioned.

Lacys were developed in the Texas Hill Country by the four Lacy brothers (Frank, George, Ewin, and Harry), who immigrated from Kentucky to Burnet County, Texas, in 1858. Traditional wisdom, as well as Lacy family history, holds that Lacys are the result of Greyhound/scent hound/coyote cross.

Multiple sources also suggested that the presence of Lacys in the Hill Country strongly influenced Fred Gipson, who was raised in adjacent Mason County and was best known for his novel Old Yeller. The Blue Lacy Game Dog filled the needs of colonial Americans for well over a century on ranches in the Southwestern US.
The decline of the family-owned ranching industry, as well as the introduction of technology such as all-terrain vehicles, brought the Lacy breed near extinction; however, its rediscovery as a masterful hunting companion has dramatically increased the demand for Lacys. They are now the most common breed used by United States Trappers.

The reason I wanted to write a post on this was to shed some light now the different types/breeds of dogs that share similar physical characteristics, but due to their resemblance to certain stereotyped breeds, these dogs don't stand a chance to be understood and vice verse.

Thank you all for your participation! Good Try!

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