Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orange County Animal Services Partnership

I am so so happy to make this announcement. Those of you whom know us personally, know how hard I have tried to develop a relationship with Orange County Animal Services to develop a partnership with them to introduce enrichment into the lives of the shelter animals, in an attempt to make their short stay as comfortable as possible, and make great dogs more adoptable by introducing training while they await their forever homes.

I have been persistent about this mission for almost 8-9 years, and finally this week, the University of Doglando was approved to be Orange County Animal Service's Partner in Shelter Dogs Training Program.

I can not even being to express my excitement, and hope that with all of your support we can slowly progress in the direction of lower euthanasia, higher adoptions, successful adoptions, enriching lives and creating purposeful canine-human relationships, and a PET SHOP FREE COUNTY.

Dogland's partnership with Orange County Animal Services will take effect on Monday September 20, 2010. We will be taking a mum and her litter of puppies as well as a 4month old mutt. They will go through Doglando's Enrichment Program for two weeks and then will be up for adoption through Orange County Animal Services.

Dog's get turned into shelters for many different reasons.... the most often begin because of behavioral issues.

Our goal will be to provide them with the exercise, mental stimulation, healthy social interaction between dogs and people, and teach them basic obedience manners and them make the available for more successful adoptions. We will also provide a FREE consultation to all pet parents adopting any dog from Orange County Animal Services that have received the DOGLANDO STAMP OF "GOOD DOG."

If you are interested in learning more about our programs or would like to meet any of the dogs we will be working with, please call Teena at 407-832-3763 or email us at

Our Goal: A society that Dogs Responsibly.

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