Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ear Implants for Dogs

Five Years in Development
Revolutionary Implant
Restores Canines Ears

KANSAS CITY. Mo (Oct. 25) - It may be a Doberman Pincher, Boxer, Great Dane or German Shepherd. Or, it can include any canine whose ear or ears should stand up straight but doesn't for one reason or another.

Enter Gregg Miller, president of CTI Corporation -creator of Neuticles for Pets-and 2005 IG Nobel Peace Prize winner for Medicine.

Miller announced today the release of PermaStay Ear Implants for canines with broken ears. Considered revolutionary by the pet industry, the space age implant- five years in development- is now available Worldwide.

“For decades attempts have been made by many to successfully create a product that restores a dog’s ear but have failed and have failed miserably”, said Miller. “These products have included wires, rods and sticks which not only rejected once implanted but was inhumane to the pet, visibly detectable and for short term use.”

Miller said PermsStay is not only humane to the pet but is virtually undetectable once placed and will last for the life of the pet.

Crafted with FDA medically approved surgical mesh, the implant consists of a 3” x 4” foundation. The mesh was specially created to be compatible with the sensitive tissue within the pets ear and to eliminate risk of migration of the implant within the ear once placed.

In the center of the mesh foundation is a specially designed “spine” which is made of FDA medically approved fluroplastic. The spine, which measures nearly four inches in length and is ¾” wide, was painstakingly developed to not create trauma inside the ear once placed. It features polished rounded edges and sides with 19 micro holes strategically placed throughout the spine.

A second layer of a softer surgical mesh is then sonic welded atop the spine which not only eliminates risk of inner ear trauma but allows for tissue growth which adds even greater ear support over a short period of time.

A Worldwide referral database is now being established by Miller’s 15 year old company. Distribution of PermaStay is limited to veterinarians with an expertise with ear cropping's to assure procedural success. Miller said there are currently 14 participating facilities in the US and one in Germany, Australia, Spain and Poland.

Miller projects 1000 participating veterinary clinics and hospitals Worldwide for the procedure within two years.

While the manufacturing process of patent pending PermaStay is complex, Miller said it is well worth the effort as clinical testing and commercially implanted pets have been restored perfectly with no complications or side effects of any type.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” Miller said. “Once the ear is fully healed you can bend the ear and it snaps right back into place naturally. Its truly remarkable and the best part is the canine doesn't even know it’s there”.

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