Wednesday, October 20, 2010


While doing my MBA, during my Business Law class, my professor once said, "with every man made law there is a man made loop hole."

And since then there have been so many instances were I was reminded of that. Today, we visit the subject of Neuticles. Know what that is???? They are testicular implants for male dogs.

On their website, here is how they promote it: "Los Angeles has just enacted a mandatory spay/neuter law. More people should know about this wonderful option. "

The law also helps generate an increase in business and revenue for veterinarians by mandating spay/neuter of every pet, but now inventing the idea of fake testicles.

They come in all sizes and weights and feel... what does it matter?

Here is a video of the procedure.

Cosmetic surgery in people, may help with self esteem, confidence, beauty, fitting in and ego, but is it appropriate or necessary or ethical when referring to dogs/animals?

Here is a Q & A that is listed on their website:

My vet said my dog wont know that he's missing anything. Is that true?

People know their beloved pet. Their pet can tell them when they are hungry, want to play, don't feel well, hide when approaching the vet's office or will get excited when driving by or going to the park- why wouldn't the pet know a familiar body part is missing? Would he know if his foot was cut off? Of course he would- its only common sense.

What are your thoughts?

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Janie said...

All I can say is "Are you kidding me?????"