Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jacksonville Officials Seek To Regulate Pet Industry

Cit officials in Jacksonville, Fla., have introduced an oridnce that seeks to amend regulations governing the pet industry, including pet retailers. The city concil was scheduled to hold a third reading and possibly vote on the ordinance at its September 14 meeting.

Under the proposed ordinance, all pet shops and animal dealers within the city would have to obtain a permit from the animal care and protective services division of the city's environmental and compliance department.

Permit holders would be subject to inspections by animal care and protective services. All pet shots and animal dealers would be required to display a current permit prominently on the premises.

Additionally, every pet sho and animal dealer would be required to maintain ont eh premises for at least two years record of the name, address and telephone number of every person and or business from which it obtains any animal, except small fish.

Any business or individual that sells, trades, exchanges or gives away dogs or cats that originated directly from a breeder or animal dealer would be required to display the breeder or animal dealer's name in a highly visible location along with the dog or cat, and must make the breeder' address and phone number available to city officials.

Great Work City of Jacksonville, FL.... We hope to follow.

If we can not eliminate them all together, I would also add to this, that every pet shop should be required to have an outdoor fenced in yard for the use of potty and play; and that each puppy and cat is required a minimum of four 30 minute play/potty sessions per day at the minimum.

The size of the yard would be dependent on the number of dogs "stored" at the shop and the size of each dog.

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