Friday, October 29, 2010


Over the last few months I have learned of some hardships suffered by some of our clients. I thought my aunt beat the odds and survived cancer, but two days ago I came to know it was back.... and this time it seems to be quite aggressive. Today I got the call that one of our groomers may have breast cancer... too be confirmed after some more testing next week.

We often hear how great it must be to have a job like ours, but not many understand the physical nature of job. Although it is not something I would trade out for, after some abuse from the dogs resulting in a loose rib, I have promised myself to make a better attempt to caring for my body. And I started this today. I had my first chiropractic treatment and hope to continue with it weekly.

My dad often reminds me I will not be able to do much of what I love in life, If I don't slow down... I am going to change my lifestyle one step at a time, and I am not going to wait for new years this year.

You do the same!

Have a great weekend.

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