Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rescue Story Tuesdays

Rescue Blog by Janie and Jenn

As an adoption volunteer with a pet rescue group, I have had the opportunity to talk with many people about what kind of dog they would like to adopt. There seems to be three types of adopters. Some people are very cautious and ask millions of questions, others are on the middle of the road and ask good thoughtful questions, while others throw caution to the wind and just want a dog.

I recently worked with a family who thought they had found just the right dog. I agreed that it seemed like this dog, Suki, would be a perfect match for them. They wanted an adult dog, one who was very stable and great with children. Suki was both and much more. She was in a foster home with a dog trainer who thought she would be a great candidate for a therapy dog. The family and I went back and forth trying to arrange a time for the family to come and meet Suki but unfortunately the foster mom did not get the message in time. So when the family arrived to the shelter, Suki was not there to meet with the family.

This is where the family made their mistake. Not being able to wait for much longer or a later day, they ended up taking another dog from the shelter home. They had not ever met this dog, nor inquired about it... they new nothing about him. Based on his great looks, they did not hesitate and choose to take him home instead. Although he would make a great companion to another family, we knew he was not the right match for this one. And no surprise to us, a few days later, the family brought him back to the shelter as they were not prepared to meet his needs. They patiently waited while we arranged for them meet Suki. They ended up adopting her and she is doing wonderfully in her new home.

The moral of this story is, when you are looking for your next dog, keep this cautionary tale in mind. It is so exciting to add a new dog to your family, but remember you are making a lifetime commitment to this dog. Choose wisely, thinking about the size, temperament, and energy level that will work well in your home and for the entire family, not just yourself. It is better to wait days or weeks to find just the right fit, rather than make an impulsive decision and then regretfully have the dog suffer.

Sadly, there is absolutely no shortage of dogs in need of loving homes. The right dog for you will be waiting when you are ready to open your heart and home, and when the time is right for you.

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