Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why do dogs barge through doors?

Ever since they were young puppies, dogs were never taught to respect doors. Beginning with the crate door, an open door is an invitation for the young dog to barge out into the free world... which at that moment in time meant your home.

As they get older, and with more freedom around the house, the house becomes their home (kind of like their crate), and the front door resembles the crate door.... when it is open they can barge out into the free world, this time a potentially dangerous world.

To teach a puppy to wait patienly at an open door until called is very simple. This must begin from the first day you get your puppy. It does not matter whether you choose to crate your puppy or confine him/her using an expen, baby gates or bathroom.... this puppy must learn to respect a door. A puppy that is taught this during those early life lessons will never learn to barge through an open door, because it will have learned their opportunity for freedom ended, or the door hurts, or their is a life consequence if the dog succeeded by barging.

It is much easier to teach this at a younger age as the young dog can be easily controlled, as opposed to waiting once it is an adult and has mastered on how to use its body and strength against the human.

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