Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby and Dog Con't

The Zaldivar's have two young girls, and four dogs; Nati and Gabi (the two legged siblings) and Coco, Bo, Chiquie and Yoda (the four legged siblings).

Coco, their white Boxer can be most frequently found sitting on top of brother Bo's head. Bo has one of the most beautiful temperaments, he is tolerant, mindful, patient, in harmony, joyful and just a superstar for dogs. He is a black lab, and one of those black labs that every child should have while growing up.... although a temperament that is probably very hard to come across these days.

Here is a visual of Coco's style:

I have no idea why she does this, but what is fascinating to me is the image below:

I received this photo from Denise (mum) a while ago... it was just for laughs. Although it is very darling, I just wanted to get into Gabi's mind and find out where she came up with that idea from. Could it have been through hearing a story about m little pony or is Gabi modeling Coco's behavior? I would hypothesize the later.

When you come to think about it, so much of a child's development at that age is based on mimicking other children and even adults.... so why not dogs if they are raised so closely together?

Take another look, photo after photo, you will see Coco sitting on Bo:

Then came this:

It is amazing that Gabi would pick Bo to hug and climb over.... clearly she has learned that he is the only one she could probably get away with doing this too.

So, do kids truly model off other animals?

I think they do. In our next baby and dog story you will hear of yet another baby who has learned all sorts of games by watching not only her mum interact with the dogs, but how the dog interacts with the mum.


Thanks Zaldivar family for the great photos, and most of all for allowing your children to grow up being loved by Dogs.

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