Monday, December 6, 2010

Babys and Dogs

This week, I am going to dedicate the blog to the wonderful world of babies/children and dogs. It is most bothersome to hear of a newly expecting family giving up their dog because they now have a two legged child, almost as though the dog's job is done and now it becomes disposable.

These families do not realize the valuable lessons animals teach children and miss out on it. They also are the ones that contribute to teaching our children how disposable animals are, they don't have feelings, they don't have emotions or build attachments and my favorite... that they will find a better home (who asked the dog?)

Anyway, for those that enable their children to grow up around animals, and for those families that have experienced these joys, here is to them.

Today's dog and baby story features the Debach Family.

They have two Aussies, Linus and Remy, and of course baby Auriela. Here is Auriela leaning to give belly rubs. We all know how important of a life lesson this is:

Another valuable lesson in life: To Poke Fun Equally, and still be best friends at the end of it:

In the photo below, Auriela experiences the joys and giggles of being kissed by a dog. She is expecting a wet one, and is already laughing.

Unfortunately, there will never be a way to measure the impact of raising a child around a dog, and its psychological effects on both animals. But I bet if either baby or dog could talk, they would choose not to live with out the other.

Here is to happy and healthy living, and a responsible child and pet family!

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