Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you ever heard of HOG DOGS?

Another Hidden Dog Sport!

I came across this website while randomly browsing through the web. I's called Hard Core Hog Dogs

I could barely make it through watching the video on the main page, how this is any different than the so called "sport" of dog fighting... I have not a clue.

In areas where hog hunting is so common, many of these dogs that were once used for this sport are thrown upon the streets by the time they are 4-5years of age, and many of them end up in shelters waiting to be re-homed. It is what gives the breed such a bad reputation because their temperament was created by people and once empowered its hard to take back.

I was appauled to learn this goes on.... and is an acceptable form of hunting. It is such an in-humane treatemet and although probably highly gratifying to the dogs, I dont believe because it is innate but more so the aggitation caused to the dogs not giving them a choice but to throw themselves towards the hog. They also deprive the dogs of food, creating a tremendous motiviation to work in this manner.

Here are some of Hard Core Hog Dogs dogs.

A video from Youtube:

I believe there is a larger number of dogs that have been exposed to similar training / living environments prior to ending up at shelters or rescue groups than we even are aware of.

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