Thursday, December 16, 2010

Off Topic _ Elephants

If you have been a reader of our blog since the begining, then you know my love for Elephants.

When I was a young child growing up in Kenya, I dreamed about helping preserve Elephants when I grew up. It was my dream to work with Elephants and prevent them from Extinction.

I remember one year, President Daniel T Arap Moi (Kenya's President at that time) set fire to 12 tons of tusks collected by poachers, in an attempt to show his rage at this and end poaching for Ivory. I remember crying thinking about how many elephants were killed, assuming they were able to get two from each one.

I can't work with Elephants at the moment, and if one day my stars align I do hope to open an Elephant Sanctuary... but for now, help me with this:

Please help:
Target: President Obama
Sponsored by: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
The U.S. Is one of the world's largest consumers of ivory. Illegal ivory is brought in via souvenirs, smuggling operations and the internet. That makes the U.S. one of the major drivers of elephant poaching in Africa.

Protections under the Endangered Species Act are riddled with loopholes, allowing the ivory trade to flourish in America and threatening Asian and African elephants in the wild.

Help us end illegal ivory trade in the U.S. and save elephants.

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