Friday, December 17, 2010

Prescription Dog Foods

Science Diet has come up with a prescription pet food for oral hygiene. This is not a recent development, but I think they have recently redeveloped it so that the kibble size is GINORMOUS. Here is the theory, if the kibble is bigger, the dogs will have to break it down and chew it; which will clean their teeth and reduce plaque, thereby preventing gum disease and other dental diseases.

Are we that stupid? Commercial food companies and some vets seem to think so.

The first time I saw this food in person, I literally needed help picking my jaw off the floor. I was furious to say the least, all the effort we put into education our pet parents and raising a more educated canine society, then comes Science Diet with their theories that seem to so easily buy everyone over.

I have discussed this previously, and the myth in that kibble makes our dogs teeth cleaner. When have you ever, EVER, see your dog sit and chew each kibble or mouth full of kibble. As a matter of fact, most pet owners have the complete opposite issue, their dogs don't chew, they inhale their food.

One more time dog mom's and dads..... a dog's mandible is not designed to chew. They are carnivores. Their jaws are designed to rip, shred, tear, pull, bite, break and swallow.

A dog's jaw does not move from side to side because it does not need to grind its food before sending it down. Their jaws only move up and down... their fangs prevent them from side movement.

Now that we have determined a dog's jaw structure, how does it make sense that they clean their teeth by chewing kibble?

Dog Smart. Dog Responsibly.

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