Friday, February 4, 2011

How Similar are Deer to Dogs

A client of ours sent me this video: On a Dog and a Deer. It is very short, you must watch it.

What is fascinating, is to see how similar Deer and Dogs are. I never really knew this.... In this video I saw the Deer to all the following "normal behaviors to Dogs."

1. Lip smack
2. Shake
3. Rub its muzzle/snout on the dog
4. Groom/flea the dog
5. Play bow
6. Lots of tail wagging
7. Lay on a dog bed
8. Lick another animal (cat)
9. Play hide and seek
10. Move ears back and close towards head in a way to show submission or friendliness/no threat
11. Posture and freeze
12. Smile

What a fascinating video.... I wonder how similar these to animals are and if they communicate better with one another than humans do with dogs?

Very cool!

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