Monday, February 7, 2011

Life Lessons from Nosi

Nosi’s Last Life Lesson --- Don’t take No for an answer.

As Nosi is adjusting to her new home, with her new mom, I am reflecting upon her last life lesson she shared with me… Don’t take No for an answer.

Nosi could have been a yes dog, submitting herself to the standards of a very superficial society, but she said no. She fought her way into a couple peoples hearts, and made sure not to be forgotten. When people thought she was untrainable, she politely told them No, and showed them sit, down, and nosework could be done by a blind and deaf puppy of only 12 weeks old.

When people thought she would never find a home, she said under her breath, “You just wait” and when her mom finally came to pick her up, she said “I told you so.” Nosi said no, to all the problems that we , us humans with the ability to over think everything, poised for her and turned our problems around, and showed us they weren’t really problems after all.

Nosi, never took No for answer, instead she listened, and did what she pleased anyway. She showed all of us up, challenging us to redefine what it is to be involved in animal welfare, what it is to “train” and what it is to simply and purely love.

So many times we compromise whatever it is we want out of life, a new car, house, heck a new pair of shoes, that we turn into these “yes people” doing what everyone else wants for us, without ever asking ourselves what it is we want. Nosi knew she wanted a home, someone to love, and to be by, and she got it… now the question is… what do you want?

And don’t take no for answer.

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