Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Blessings

Dog Blessings

There are things dogs do that we may consider little "blessings"

1. The sound of a wagging or thumping tail when all else is quiet

2. Dogs that "listen" to you

3. Dogs that look in your eye like they know what you are thinking or feeling
4. Watching a hungry dog eat well

5. Watching a sick dog start to eat

6. The look of happiness when you pet or talk to a dog
7. A dog's warm welcome when you come home
8. The excitement dogs feel when they are about to go "out" or "bye-bye"

9. The lazy look of a sleeping happy dog

10. Affectionate "kisses"

11. When your dog brings you a toy and asks you to play

12. Seeing a dog's joy when he gets to run around outside and have fun

13. When a dog rolls over and lets you rub his tummy

From: petplace.com

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