Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seminole County Animal Control

Yesterday, Doglando visited the Seminole County Animal Control for their second doggy beautification day project. With a crew of four volunteers, we bathed 12 dogs, including giving a chow a "lion cut."

In the two hours we were there, we played with and bated 12 dogs today. It is incredible awesome these dogs are and behave. We did not have a single dog attempt to bite us or scratch us during their bath; which unfortunately is a very common occurrence at when grooming pet owners' dogs.

This experience has truly been n amazing experience for us. The dogs are so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to come out to see day light, some of them ran around the yard not knowing what to do first.... pee, potty, play or just soak up the sun!

One day, I hope Doglando can expand to have a sanctuary where highly adoptable dogs with great temperaments can live out their lives, and not have to wait in small hope for a chance to be adopted. We would be their forever home, and they would have friends (four legged and two legged) come to visit.

Dog Responsibly.

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