Monday, March 26, 2012

Earp, the most wonderful dog, in the most wonderful home

Today, I walked in with my mum... I had a great day reuniting with my extended Doglando Family, and all my four legged friends, it was so great to be back. I often wondered about my life after Doglando, once I was adopted... on one hand I wished every day for a family to fall in love with me and call me theirs, I wished for a mum and dad, a human brother and sister... but had no preference for a doggy sibling as long as I could come back to Doglando even if it was just once a week. I would lay for hours on the beach sand pondering my future, I must admit, I was quite torn apart... I was confused and actually even a bit afraid. I went from foster home to foster home, had lots of visitors come and check me out, and in that short time, which felt like an eternity... I even had to put up with selfish dogs that did not want to share their home or their parents with me. I was happy and eager to come back to Doglando after every foster. But then a few weeks ago, Connor (Camp Doglando Grad) and his family called Teena and asked about me again. I over heard the conversation, and saw the excitement in Teena's face... she saw me perk up, so she casually turned her back to me... not wanting me to see her expressions as she spoke to Connor's mum.... but I understand everything, even talk. Teena hung up the phone with them, and radioed Casey, to give me a bath at the end of the day. She told Casey, I was getting picked up from home (Teena's home) this evening, and I think this maybe be it for Earp. So, I went home, and as I was resting on my dog bed, the door bell rang, it was Kristin and Connor. They were there to pick me up. I happily left with them, but did not want to get my hopes too high... I loved the first time I stayed with them, this is when Connor taught me to pee on a bush after he him. This family KNOWS dogs and has no shame in being dogs, and is just where I want to be, I had thought to myself. Since then, its been almost three weeks now, I have been home. Yesterday, was the first time I returned to Doglando, my mum enrolled me into WEDNESDAY'S Enrichment. Today, I walked in with my mum. Today, my mum bend down to give me a hug and kiss and said "have a good day buddy," today, I entered the world knowing who I was, and that I had a place to go and call home, today, I felt pure love, I felt strong, I felt confident, I was assured, I was great full, I was happy, I was content. Today, I felt like every other dog at Doglando. Today, was the first time ever, my real mum came to pick me up at the end of the day, and when she came, I heard her voice from behind the door, and said, "that's my mum.... she's here! Goodbye friends see you next week." Today, I turned by back to Teena, but she got the tail wag, while my mum got the kisses. Today, I left home with my mum.

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