Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The importance of running with your puppy

Most dogs learn the joy of running with their owners is by running away and their owners will follow after them. Certainly this is not joyful from the owner's perspective but its ultra fun from the dog's perspective. Especially because, the dog gets to lead, and control the game and speed as well as direction. In Doglando's PRE K9 classes, we teach the puppies the joy of running as a partnership. It's a sport that involves two players, the handler and the dog. The rules of this sport is to follow the handlers body postures that actually convey messages, such as stop, slow dog, turn left and lets move to the right. Anyone can do this and its a very simple exercise involving many complex tasks... but ultimately its fun for the owners and the dog, and an exercise that enhances the human - dog relationship. This life saving exercise is more important than teaching your puppy to sit, down or drop it. The exercise can become more involving and complex and by incorporating the dog's basic manners into the sport. You will find that by running with your dog, your dog is more engaged, focused and apt to listening, because its fun and interactive!

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