Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jane Goodall Con't

Historically, back in the day, "our ancestors thought about the way their actions protected their future, their children... how their actions impacted the world after them, the choices they made reflected upon the longevity and quality of life for their own children, the world they lived in and the world they shared their lives with, the environment and the entire animal kingdom," said Dr. Jane. "Today, we live our life doing things that impact us today, impacts us now, or in three months or the immediate future..." We are motivated and driven by the urgency of money, "Money is our God," she said. This is a problem. The problem is, that the manner in which we live, and the choices and decisions we make, have a very harsh impact on our children's future... and the world they will live in. We meet our needs as of today, and we meet our demands as of today, with no sacrifices or little regard for the impact and ramifications our kids will have to pay for. See, "this is not about me or me saving Chimps," she said. Our environment is toxic, its toxic for us... In Tanzania we educate on procreation. We do this by empowering women. We educate women and men alike, and in shifting their perspective on a man's role, vs a woman's role... but what happens when you can not provide for them, or give them the means they need? Culturally it may be that women stay and at home and take care of the kids, but what about their future...?" She goes on to saying "We talk about how with more of us, we need more space, we need more land, and we destroy the environment in the process... we turn wetlands in to communities, to satisfy our immediate need. What are the impacts of this?" It does go back to the chimps, and other animals... we are destroying their habitat, their vegetation, their ability to survive. But we are also destroying our own. She spoke about many of us knowing the impacts of CO2, but Methane is what we need to be equally if not more importantly be concerned about. Factory farming, toxic farming, pesticides, the food, antibiotics and such we feed our animals which in turn we are feeding our selves with... the impact of this, the evolution of life... what has happened, what is happening, where we are going, is there hope? We are changing the unnatural patterns of animals, their feeding habits and their dietary needs, in turn this is impacting us. Cows are getting fed sheep meat, there's no vegetation for them... by feeding them meat, this changes the composition of their stool, releasing high levels of methane, that are harshly and aggressively impacting the ecosystem... global warming. When I was in Alaska, a couple years ago, a majestic beauty of water, ice, glaciers and color... we saw first hand glaciers breaking and crushing... Jane said "she has seen where snow never melted... now there's none... The Kilimanjaro Snow Caps are gone." Is there hope? "Although we have made an almighty mess of the planet, I don't think it's too late to turn things around if we all roll up our sleeves. We need to think about the dozens of the choices we make each and every day, our children need our help..." NOW!

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