Friday, April 27, 2012

Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane travels 300 days out of the year, traveling all over the world, in her dedication and commitment to educate, raise awareness and plea for action... she started off the engagement by saying "yesterday I had 23 TV interviews.... in one day, today I am here, and am so happy to be in front of each of you. To those I can not see, I hear that there are two overflow rooms where you sit to hear me speak and watch from a TV... to you I say "" She said "I have friends every where I go..." there are Roots and Shoots clubs everywhere, all over the world... where ever I go, I know I have a home and I know I have friends, and I know I have family." She is not alone. That message resonated within me... its exactly what we wanted to create when we started the KARMA Club (Kids Achieving Results for Mankind and Animals). An organization where youths, learn to: be kind, give back, relate, where altruism is facilitated from childhood, and where altruism becomes an innate response, a habit, an act of kindness without thinking about it. Where kids learn culture through their travels, make friends around the world, and where changes happen. It was so great to see so many very young children present, even a girls scouts troop. Her message resonates in my mind as I write this, "you can help, help educate your children..." give them the opportunity to learn and be part of what they know it is to do right... right by their heart, and right by their brain. She shared with everyone her Shoots and Roots initiative, a club for children to practice kindness to animals, people, the environment and themselves. The Jane Goodall Institute releases a bi-monthly publication in which different Roots and Shoots clubs are mentioned off from all over the world. Stories are shared and told, initiatives and movements are recognized, and the "Kindness Leaders (my term)" of tomorrows world are spoken of. Parents were encouraged to find local Roots and Shoots clubs and connect their kids to them. Through this international body of kindness, people connect, friends are made, and families are extended.

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