Friday, June 12, 2009

Another dog saved by Max's Fund

Introducing Ruby the Beautiful (OK, ok - she will be one day)

Poor Ruby was originally confiscated as part of a cruelty/animal neglect case and now has been rescued from a county animal control were she sat back in the isolation unit with little opportunity for people to see her, her time there was just about up...with one day remaining when we found her.

Ruby is about 3 months old and we think a chihuahua/dachshund mix??? Her strong, confident, spunky personality seems to indicate a mix of these breeds. Poor Ruby is heavily affected by demodex mange, which is the non-contagious type of mange. Her poor skin, is miserable,sore and infected. We are doing all we can to quickly get her on the road to recovery, ivermectin, antibiotics, medicated baths, good food and love.

Today was Ruby's second day with us, and she spent it at Doglando with all our Friday dogs. At one point I just sat there watching her as though in her mind she was trying to figure out how one moment she is near death, lying on the cold cement floors at the shelter with all sorts of loud barks, howls, whines and whimpers echoing off the cinder block walls.

She followed us everywhere, believe it or not, even responding to her name and sweet kissing sounds. Although spunky, she is beyond all a cuddler and would love nothing more than being carried around everywhere. She is a true gem!


Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Awe, she is such a cutie!! Look at these ears!! What an interesting mix, Ruby is! I already shared the story on Facebook! I LOVE it so much that you guys are doing such wonderful things!!

Teena Patel said...

Thank you for your suppor.... as always :)

Nimesh P said...

You have no idea how cute this lil girl is until you get to know her. She is absolutely a gem of a dog. Hopefully once she is back on her feet we can find her a good home.